Here is ZUN's blog where he announces things, and here are Touhou Patch Center's translation and patching plans.

Where can I buy the game(s)?

Steam! Some other good places to get the physical games include Amazon.com and J-LIST/JBOX. You may also want to checkout local stores and conventions. The #newtouhou is availible for pre-order on JBOX.

It's 20XX and I can't buy the games digitally?!

ZUN is trapped in the past and needs our help. Only you (yes, you) have the power to bring him to the present with the power of email! If all of you would raise your hands up to your keyboard and offer a portion of your time, we could use it to defeat outdated technology once and for all! No more being slaughtered like sacrificial lambs! Consider this your first, small stride towards becoming a warrior race! Now, let's begin! Raise your hands up! Now! His email is [email protected] You can! They're on Steam! GO GO GO!

Where can I discuss the new Touhou game(s)?

So many places that I had to make a place to list them all! That place is here: Click here!

This site should have X!

We (probably) agree! If you would like to add it please feel free to add a pull request on our Github! This website is 100% open source.